November 12, 2012

Set up ActiveSync by-pass for user in Organisation

Some organisations do not enable ActiveSync. This generally will be a decision based on the companies security strategy. 
This however does not mean that if a user needs to access email on their smartphone or ipad is exempt.

1: Open EMC console and open up Recipient configuration. Search for the mailbox you want to activate for ActivSync. Go to properties, Mailbox features tab, click on Exchange ActivSync and click the “Enable button. 

2: Keep window open, highlight Exchange ActivSync and click on Properties. In the next window, click on Browse and select NewActivSync, and click OK. Click ok on the next window to close the mailbox properties dialogue box.

3: On the iPad/iPhone, open Settings> Wi-Fi. Under Choose network, click on
And enter your AD credentials in the format
Username: <username>
Password: <your login password>
Click OK.
At the next screen, click “Accept”

Afterwards, you should find that you are connected to this network, indicated by a checkmark next to the network.

4: On the iPad, under Settings, select Mail,Contacts, Calendars> Add an Account…

Proceed to enter in your network credentials again. Under description, enter your full email address. Click OK. Then Save.

5: Close everything on the iPad and go to the home screen and click on the “Mail” icon

6: You will see your email folder structure but a message indicating that your mobile phone is temporarily blocked from synchronizing.

7: Open Exchange Management Console 2010. Open up Exchange PowerShell and type:

Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox <user>

You will get the following output indicating that the DeviceAccessState is Quarantined.

8: In PowerShell to unblock the device, type:

New-ActiveSyncDeviceAccessRule -QueryString iPad -Characteristic devicemodel -AccessLevel allow

This will set the access level to Allow.

9: In Powershell to verify this type:

Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox <user>

Note that “DeviceAccessState” is now set to Allow.

10: On the iPad, go ahead and start using the Mail and notice as your mailbox slowly populates

11: Send test messages to confirm, mail is functioning on the iPad.

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