June 9, 2012

Manually update the Offline Address Book in Exchange 2010

In Exchange 2010, when using cached exchange mode, it is possible to send out the Offline Address Book regularly to your exchange servers

1: Log into Exchange Management console start>all programs> Microsoft exchange server 2010>exchange management console

2: Drill down to Microsoft exchange on-premises>organization configuration> mailbox. Click on offline address book tab

3: Note down the generation server.

4: On the right hand pane, click update, when prompted for confirmation, click Yes. This should take less than a minute to update.

5: Open services (start> all programs> administrative tools> services), right click on services on the left hand pane, select “connect to another computer” browse to your generation server

6: restart the Microsoft exchange system attendant service. Safe to do during prod hours as there are no dependencies on this service. This process should take less than 30 seconds

7: To push the updated changes to each CAS server, open exchange management shell and type the following cmdlet for each of your CAS servers:

Update-filedistributionservice <CAS server>

8:Open event viewer on each server, note Event ID: 9826, check this to verify that there are no errors.

9: Check address book in outlook in an hour.

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