June 10, 2012

Find disconnected mailboxes

To find disconnected mailboxes and which server the disconnected mailbox is located, in powershell you can easily search for that mailbox. However, if you have a recently disconnected mailbox, there is a step you might need to run first in order to see it.

If you have recently disconnected a mailbox, it can take some time to for it to register in Exchange. You can force a clean up of the database:

Get-mailboxdatabase | Clean-mailboxdatabase

To find disconnected mailboxes:

Get-mailboxserver | get-mailboxstatistics | where {$_.disconnectdate -ne $null} | select displayname,database,disconnectdate

If you have a multiple domains in your forest you may need to run this first to see all disconnected mailboxes in the forest:

set-ADserversettings -viewentireforest: $true

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